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Our Office provides top-notch treatment

At Fort Bend Endodontic Specialists, we strive for excellence in all aspects of patient care.  Our office is equipped with the latest technology necessary to ensure that you receive the highest quality of endodontic treatment.  Some of the advanced technologies we employ are listed in more detail below.

Advanced Technologies
Microscopes and Imaging
Our doctors are highly trained and our facility is equipped with operating microscopes. Magnification and fiber optic illumination are invaluable tools that assist us in performing the highly technical aspects of endodontic treatment. 
Our treatment areas are equipped with sophisticated ultrasonic units that are used to remove posts and metal instruments, as well as aid in the search for calcified canals. These units are also used to prepare the fine structure of the root-end for a retrograde filling when microsurgical intervention is indicated. The diamond coated microscopic tips vibrate up to 30,000 cycles per second to ensure precise and efficient preparation.
Nickel-Titanium Instruments
The cleaning and shaping of the root canal is aided by the use of metal instruments made of a unique alloy of nickel-titanium. We use both hand and rotary instruments along with liquid antimicrobial agents to help remove bacteria and tissue and to achieve the highest level of disinfection.
Bacteriologic Cultures and Sensitivities
Bacterial infections are best treated with antibiotics that are specific for the germs that cause the infection. Bacterial samples are taken to identify with clarity the nature of the patient's infection and to ensure the proper use of therapeutic antibiotics.
Mineral Trioxide Aggregate
A hydrophilic ceramic material that is a relatively new advancement in endodontic treatment. Our doctors use MTA for pulp capping, resorption repairs, perforation repairs, root-end filling during surgical treatment, and apical plug during apexification. Current literature supports its use as a biocompatible material with excellent resistance to leakage.
Digital Radiography
Our office is equipped with highly sophisticated digital x-ray imaging in each treatment area. These units provide an immediate image of the tooth during treatment while dramatically reducing the amount of patient exposure to radiation. The digital radiograph will allow doctors to store the image and/or send it electronically to your dentist or your insurance company.
Our doctors have been specially trained and licensed to provide treatment for the control of anxiety for those patients requiring this assistance. Our facility is equipped for the appropriate and safe use of these agents.   We are also affiliated with fellow professionals to administer deeper levels of sedation as necessary.
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